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Unity – What’s new in Unity 5.3.3

Unity - What's new in Unity 5.3.3-Logo

Unity – What’s new in Unity 5.3.3-Logo

The Unity 5.3.3 public release brings you a few improvements and a large number of fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 5.3 Release Notes.


  • GI: Optimized GISceneManager.Update in order to take less processor time on scene start (769044).
  • Graphics: D3D11 native plugin API now supports obtaining native texture type underpinning a RenderBuffer. (752855)
  • IL2CPP: Removed warnings from generated C++ code when compiling with clang.
  • Smart TV: Correspond 2016 TV’s fonts and remote controller.
  • Substance: A FreezeAndReleaseSourceData() method was added to the ProceduralMaterial class. This renders the ProceduralMaterial immutable and releases some of the underlying data to decrease the memory footprint. To release even more of the underlying data, it is necessary to call Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() afterwards. Once frozen, the ProceduralMaterial cannot be cloned, its ProceduralTextures cannot be rebuilt, nor its inputs be set.
  • VR: Mask invisible pixels so GPU time is not wasted near screen edges (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
Unity - What's new in Unity 5.3.3

Unity – What’s new in Unity 5.3.3


  • Audio/Scripting: An optimization was reverted while fixing (739224) and (761360) which would cause memory to once again be allocated during audio callbacks.
  • BlackBerry: Removed BlackBerry option from build player settings window.


  • 2D: Fixed memory leak when applying changes to sprite. (754282)
  • 2D: Occlusion Culling works correctly with X/Y flipped SpriteRenderers. (760062)
  • Android: Fixed internal profiler on Gear VR. (741003)
  • Android: Fixed missing styles.xml files. (768027)
  • Android: Fixed remote frame debugger. (742199)
  • Android: Marshmallow – Added the possibility to disable the permission dialog by adding metadata to the activity.
  • Android: Mono – Fixed crash on startup with Unity Ads when stripping is enabled. (755510)
  • Android: Timeout no longer happens when an application is sent to the background. (738843)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash when changing OverrideController on Animator with no Avatar. (741043)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash where assigning an override controller with no controller to override. (764778)
  • Animation: Fixed changing Animator.runtimeAnimatorController while in play mode crashing the editor. (731237)
  • Animation: Fixed Euler angles on rotation causing Transform to be set to NaN in some cases. (759408, 760759)
  • AssetBundle: Change to use natural sorting when listing the AssetBundle names. (736556)
  • AssetBundle: Fixed loading error for asset bundles built with DisableWriteTypeTree flag. (756567)
  • AssetBundle: Fixed the hash collision when building AssetBundles. (716166)
  • AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that LoadAsset(name) returns null if a bundle contains a prefab and another asset with the same name. (743704)
  • AssetBundle: Loading multiple invalid asset bundles fails correctly now. (756198)
  • AssetBundles: Fixed AssetBundle.CreateFromFile retaining file descriptor. – The previous fix was incomplete. (715753)
  • Audio: Fixed mixer reverb effects getting cut off early in standalone builds. (760985)
  • Audio: Avoid random crashes when using audio callbacks in scripts. (739224, 761360)
  • Core: Fixed crash when game object that is a child of a missing prefab is deleted. (757799)
  • Core: Improved the error message when build data files are corrupted or from a mismatched version.
  • Core: Make sure persistent transforms are not added to the active scene when running in a player. (758058)
  • Editor: Fixed issue of a new scripts created in Editor folder if Unity installation path contains “test” word. (761664)
  • Editor: Fixed a bug where Undo recording would insert property modification on the prefab asset if it was being edited in the inspector. (711720)
  • Editor: Fixed crash when entering playmode if LoadScene was called during Awake or Start. (756409, 760459)
  • Editor: Fixed crash when replacing prefabs with Alt button pressed. (753176)
  • Editor: Fixed editor freeze when picking in scene with many overlapping game objects. (730441)
  • Editor: Fixed freeze/crash on project startup when async upload buffer is set too small. (754704)
  • Editor: Fixed game object duplicates on play when reference to that game object is set in another scene. (750117)
  • Editor: It is now possible to replace a prefab asset with a different prefab asset. (761995)
  • Frame Debugger: Even when it was not used, it was creating some overhead in development standalone builds. Reduced that.
  • GI: Fix for lightmaps in linear lighting mode looking different between the player and editor. (724426)
  • GI: Fix for LoadLevel in the player causing lightmaps to become brighter when in Linear mode. (728595, 738173)
  • GI: Fixed brightly coloured (green/red/white/blue) pixels appearing in the directional lightmap caused by interpolation from invalid indirect lightmap data. Note: Need to clear the GI cache and rebake to get the fixed lightmaps. (765205, 734187)
  • GI: Fixed missing Ambient when “Baked GI” is disabled and “Ambient GI” is set to Baked. (756506)
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash in the editor when switching graphics API from a non-DX9 API e.g. DX11. (740782)
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where Standard shader using directional lightmaps could output NaN to the framebuffer. This would usually blow up when using HDR rendering with Bloom.
  • Graphics: Fixed building shaders correctly for WebGL in AssetBundles. (746302)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash when calling Graphics.DrawMesh with null material. (756849)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash when using GL.Begin quad rendering with non-multiple-of-4 vertex count. (761584)
  • Graphics: Fixed video memory leak in the splash screen animation.
  • Graphics: Fixed occasional Movie Texture crash with multiple movies present. (753593, 764084)
  • Graphics: Fixed profiling related information (SetGpuProgramName) performance issue in development player builds.
  • Graphics: Fixed rendering of deferred reflections when last object rendered before them had negative scale. (757330)
  • Graphics: Fixed skinned mesh memory leak. (760665)
  • Graphics: In Editor OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation increase max cubemap size to 1024 (from 512). (650870)
  • Graphics: Reduced framerate spikes where culling system could sometimes stall for several ms while waiting for jobs.
  • Graphics: Textures imported as cubemaps now are properly marked as non-readable if import option says so. Saves memory! (724664)
  • IL2CPP: Avoid crash on IL2CPP when searching for attributes. (766208)
  • IL2CPP: Avoid double allocation of memory for multi-dimensional arrays. (766168)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed performance regression in LivenessState calculation. The performance is back to where it was prior to 5.3.2p2.
  • IL2CPP: Fixed an occasional crash when capturing managed heap when parts of it are not committed.
  • IL2CPP: Fixed Array.Copy when destination array type is wider than source array type (e.g. int[] -> long[]). (741166)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed Stfld/Ldfld opcode usage generated by MS C# compiler. (761530)
  • IL2CPP: Fixed Unity IAP on Android with IL2CPP. (761763)
  • IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for marshaling wrappers of methods that have System.Guid as a parameter type. (766642)
  • IL2CPP: Implemented support for Assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies and Module.GetTypes() (724547)
  • IL2CPP: Properly marshal arrays of four-byte bool values. (767334)
  • IL2CPP: Raised NullReferenceException when Ldvirtftn instruction had a null target. (766208)
  • iOS: Added missing icon for iPad Pro. (755415)
  • iOS: Fix for WWW deadlock. (759480)
  • iOS: Fixed a crash triggered by deactivating an input while app is going into background. (760747)
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where attached controllers were not found. (761326)
  • iOS: Fixed application freeze on iphone4 when rotating device. (761684)
  • iOS: Fixed code completion for iOS Editor Extensions. (759212)
  • iOS: Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie only allows playing one movie at a time.
  • iOS: Notify Transport that we finished receiving data so we can mark the buffer as complete when we get an error. (761361)
  • iOS: While entering background/foreground, improve player pause/resume handling to check if external parties (like video player) currently manage the paused state. (534752)
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a managed exception on 64-bit builds during some array creation operations which has the message “ArgumentException: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array’s lower bounds”. (765910)
  • iOS/OSX: Fixed SIMD math, which fixes skinning on iOS and source code compilation on OSX. (754816)
  • iOS/Video: AVKit based player didn’t show “done” button on iOS 8+. (736756)
  • iOS/Video: Fixed MPMoviePlayer error handling for invalid files.
  • iOS/Video: Improved MPMoviePlayer/AVKit orientation and view controller handling. (746018, 729470)
  • iOS/Video: Scaling mode behaviour fixes for iPad Pro. (745346)
  • iOS/Xcode: Added .tbd extension support.
  • Linux: Fixed flickering/corrupted rendering with OpenGL Core. (770160)
  • Linux: Fixed non-native-resolution fullscreen rendering with OpenGL Core. (763944)
  • Mono: Corrected a crash in mono_string_to_utf8_checked when Marshal.StructureToPtr is called from managed code. (759459)
  • Mono: Resolved intermittent crash caused by a race condition that occurs when using managed threads.
  • MSE: Fixed the issue that calling SceneManager.LoadScene** while exiting playmode causes scene unremovable from the hierarchy. (756218)
  • MSE: Fixed the issue that SceneManager.sceneCountInBuildSettings gives 0 until entering play mode. (754925)
  • Networking: Fixed issue where NetworkManager doesn’t become “ready” if online scene is set and offline scene is not. (734218)
  • Networking: Fixed issue where OnStartAuthority is called twice on hosts. (748967)
  • Networking: SyncLists now only send updates when values change. (738047)
  • OpenGL Core: Various bug fixes to the shader compiler; often resulting in better performance for complex image effect shaders.
  • OpenGL Core: Fixed random crashes on compute shader dispatch. (761412)
  • Particles: Ensure consistent direction between 3D and 1D rotation. (760830)
  • Particles: Fix for terrains ignoring collision layers. (763041)
  • Particles: Fixed a collision crash. (757969)
  • Particles: Fixed IsFinite error spam with particles and second camera. (756786)
  • Particles: Fixed issue where particle system doesn’t play if method is called via Invoke. (757461)
  • Particles: Fixed issue where particle system is stopped and cleared and after that it won’t play when simulation space is set to local. (756971)
  • Particles: Fixed issue where particles are not drawn in the correct order on rotated particle systems. (696610)
  • Particles: Fixed issue where ParticleSystem.IsAlive() always returns True for particle systems with longer duration. (755677)
  • Particles: Fixed issue whereby particles systems are not looping correctly. (756742)
  • Particles: Fixed particle culling issues. (764701)
  • Particles: Fixed support for negative inherit velocity values. (758197)
  • Particles: Fixed the issue of particles disappearing after going offscreen and returning. (759502)
  • Particles: Fixed wrong culling of some particle objects caused by incorrect bounds calculation due to parent scaling. (723993)
  • Particles: Fixed: particle system not playing when triggered via Event Trigger. (756725)
  • Particles: Fixed: particle system only playing once. (756194)
  • Particles: Particles are now emitted with the correct position//rotation when using a Skinned Mesh Renderer or Mesh Renderer as shape. (745121)
  • Physics: Fixed center of mass and inertia tensor being reset after game object was reactivated. (765300)
  • Physics: Rigidbodies without non-trigger colliders can. have custom center of mass and inertia tensor again (763806)
  • Renderdoc: When making a RenderDoc capture from editor UI, make sure to include the whole frame including user script updates.
  • Scripting: Fixed issue that causes UnityScript to incorrectly detect some methods return type. (754405)
  • Scripting: Prevent the Particle System from being stripped if the Particle System Renderer is used and engine code stripping is enabled. (761784)
  • Shaders: Fixed a shader compiler crash if a compute shader declares a samplerstate that didn’t match the naming scheme.
  • Shadows: Changed light shadows near plane minimum bound to either 1% of range or 0.1, whichever is lower.
  • Shadows: Fixed “half of scene all in shadows” artifacts in some scene/camera setups. (743239)
  • Smart TV: Fixed a problem to show custom splash screen.
  • Sprites: Occlusion Culling works correctly with X/Y flipped SpriteRenderers. (760062)
  • Substance: Fixed corner cases of outputs not being impacted by any input not being generated. (754556, 534658, 762897)
  • Tizen: Fixed cursor initially starting in the wrong position on screen. (740180)
  • Tizen: Fixed OpenGL crashing issues on the Z300F.
  • Tizen: Input field will no longer show  when return is pressed on an empty entry. (740172)
  • Tizen: System permissions that are not required are no longer requested.
  • tvOS: Fixed build error with Xcode trampoline. (767645)
  • tvOS: Fixed Game Center score reporting due to incorrect API check. (755395)
  • UI: Fixed “Trying to add (Layout Rebuilder for) Content (UnityEngine.RectTransform) for layout rebuild while we are already inside a layout rebuild loop.” error. (739376, 740617)
  • UI: Fixed flickering/texture swapping issues. (753423, 758106)
  • UI: Fixed issue with incorrect accent calculation for non-dynamic fonts. (747512)
  • Upgrades: Delete the installed Playback Engines and Documentation before upgrading Unity. (756818)
  • VR: Dynamically switch to headset’s audio output / input driver (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • VR: Fixed audio redirection in standalone builds (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • VR: Fixed crash when trying to enter play mode when the Plugin was not loaded or the Oculus runtime was not installed. (759841)
  • VR: Fixed Skybox clipping issues. (755122, 717989, 734122)
  • VR: Fixed VR Focus and VR ShouldQuit not respecting notifications when the Device was disconnected.
  • VR: Fixed VR Splash screen color precision.
  • WebGL: Corrected the following compiler error which might occur in generated C++ code: “error: non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type ‘uintptr_t’ (aka ‘unsigned int’) to ‘il2cpp_array_size_t’ (aka ‘int’) in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]”. (767744)
  • Windows Store : Building from Unity will no longer overwrite project.json file if it was modified in solution. (765876)
  • Windows Store : When building from Unity files in Visual Studio solution will not be overwritten if identical. (759735)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a “MdilXapCompile failed” error when trying to build Visual Studio project for Windows Phone 8.1. This used to happen when the Unity game had over 8000 classes across all assemblies. (762582)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a crash when loading C# type from plugin which was not included in the final build. (765893)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened on “Windows N” versions when using IL2CPP scripting backend. (760989)
  • Windows Store: Fixed a rare crash in ARM linker (fatal error LNK1322: cannot avoid potential ARM hazard (QSD8960 P1 processor bug) in section #) when using IL2CPP scripting backend. (766755)
  • Windows Store: Fixed an issue which caused small tiles get copied to Visual Studio solution incorrectly for Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. (762926)
  • Windows Store: Fixed anti-alising when calling Screen.SetResolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps/.
  • Windows Store: Fixed Application.Quit() when using D3D project type or IL2CPP scripting backend. (764378)
  • Windows Store: Fixed error “Task ‘ExpandPriContent’ failed.” which occurred when trying to build an application package with IL2CPP scripting backend when using default Unity icons. (764632)
  • Windows Store: Fixed Visual studio graphics debugger crashing when trying to debug Windows Phone 8.1 projects.
  • Windows Store: Mouses and touches will work correctly after locking/unlocking the screen. (768929)
  • Windows Store: Screen.Resolution(x, y, true) will no longer ignore width and height, so you can set your desired resolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps.
  • Windows Store: Screen.resolutions will return a valid value. (748845)
  • WinRT/IL2CPP: Allow native DLLs to be loaded both with and without the .dll extension. (760041)
  • XboxOne: Fixed a bug with YUY2 processing on the XboxOne.
  • XboxOne/IL2CPP: Fixed a problem compiling generated C++ files when there is a space in the path to the project directory. (768193)

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My name is Sayed Ahmadreza Razian and I am a graduate of the master degree in Artificial intelligence .
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Related topics such as programming, image processing, machine vision, virtual reality, machine learning, data mining, and math are my research interests.

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My Scientific expertise
  • Image processing
  • Machine vision
  • Machine learning
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data mining - Big Data
  • CUDA Programming
  • Game and Virtual reality

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