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New Research: Video Games Help Children’s Psychological and Academic Development

New research suggests that video games have a positive effect on children‘s development.

Thirteen researchers from Columbia University and Paris Descartes University found that elementary-age children who played video games for five or more hours per week – about 20 percent of the children surveyed – had fewer psychological problems and higher overall academic performance than their peers who did not play video games. In fact, the game players were described by teachers as better students, both academically and in social adjustment.

New Research: Video Games Help Children’s Psychological and Academic Development

New Research: Video Games Help Children’s Psychological and Academic Development

Part of the School Children Mental Health Europe project, the report analyzed the video game usage, academic performance, and behavior of nearly 3,200 European children between the ages of six and 11. Observations and data collected by parents and teachers were also considered to help guide researchers.“I think what we’re seeing here is the evolution of gaming modern society. Video games are now a part of a normal childhood,” Katherine Keyes, one of the 13 authors of the study, told U.S. News. “What we’re seeing here is that kids who play a lot of video games are socially integrated, they’re prosocial, they have good school functioning and we don’t see an association with adverse mental health outcomes.”

As the research concludes, video games provide educational, social, and psychological benefits for children.

You can read the entire study online in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

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