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Minecraft: Story Mode review

The latest episodic adventure series from Telltale Games spins a grand adventure in the universe of Minecraft, Mojang’s ever-popular sandbox game. It’s a head-scratching concept: Minecraft has never had a story, of any kind; it’s always been about making your own fun and coming up with your own stories through play. However, Telltale makes the concept work by putting narrative first. I didn’t have much familiarity with Minecraft going into Story Mode, but I got wrapped up in my hero’s journey all the same.

The player character, Jesse, can be male or femaleMinecraft: Story Mode is a much more family-oriented experience than anything in recent memory from Telltale, with the writers building in plenty of goofy moments to lighten the story’s world-in-peril stakes. Story Mode feels like a pastiche of beloved ’80s films: the kids-going-on-an-unsupervised-adventure setup of The Goonies, the self-discovery of Stand by Me; the us-against-the-world feel of The Breakfast Club. There’s also a dollop of Lord of the Rings in the game’s opening episode, “The Order of the Stone” — namely, ordinary people getting caught up in cataclysmic events, complete with a “Breaking of the Fellowship“-esque sequence at the end.

That’s a smart move that opened up Minecraft: Story Mode to me as someone who isn’t exactly a Minecraft fan. Story Mode is kid-friendly but not dumbed down, touching on topics like bullying, historical cover-ups and growing older.

Your party is led by the player character, Jesse, who can be male or female, depending on your choice. Jesse and their friends — loyal meathead Axel and smart, self-confident Olivia, plus Jesse’s pet pig, Reuben — are a talented team of builders hoping to topple the perennial champs at the Minecraft convention EnderCon.

But a series of unfortunate events at EnderCon unleashes a Wither, a terrifying monster that threatens to consume everything in existence. Jesse and company realize they must enlist the help of the Order of the Stone, a group of four fabled heroes. And so the gang sets out on the trail of the legendary adventurers.

The combination of Minecraft: Story Mode‘s influences and its family-friendly nature makes the plot fairly predictable. Rather than the out-of-nowhere twists — e.g., deaths — common in Telltale’s more mature fare, the story turns here are often foreshadowed or outright telegraphed by dialogue and visual cues.

I didn’t mind the genre tropes because there were enough plot developments to keep me interested. As Jesse, I spent enough time with my friends to really get to know them, even in the sub-two-hour runtime of “The Order of the Stone.” I began to care about those characters because I had built relationships with them.

On the other hand, playing Telltale’s adventure games can be frustrating when you’re not just selecting dialogue prompts, and that’s as true as ever in Minecraft: Story Mode. The few instances of timing-based combat in the game are uniformly awful, with sluggish controls that made me spam the attack button in desperation.

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