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Final Fantasy XV Might Launch on PC, Aims to Sell 10 Million Unit

Final Fantasy XV Might Launch on PC, Aims to Sell 10 Million Unit

Final Fantasy XV Might Launch on PC,



to Sell 10 Million Unit

Final Fantasy XV has a launch date of September 30, and the team in charge at publisher Square Enix has been offering a range of new details about the coming Japanese role-playing game, but there are still questions that the company is unwilling to address directly.

It is clear that, initially, the title will only debut on the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony, but it seems that there’s still hope that, at some point in the future, a port for the PC will be offered.

Hajime Tabata, the director working on Final Fantasy XV, tells Engadget that his team knows that PC gamers are interested in the title and that it will evaluate the possibility of creating a special version that uses the unique advantages of the platform.

He adds, “We had to focus on the console version and our goal was to maximize, optimize everything for the HD consoles. Once that’s done, then we will definitely take a good, hard look at PC and what we need to do, and consider all our options. But right now we aren’t decided, we’re still considering a lot of things.”

The new title in the long-running franchise is introducing a number of unique mechanics, designed to appeal to both long-term fans and to those who might only now try it out.

Final Fantasy XV might need to sell more than 10 million units

A PC version for the JRPG might be needed if Square Enix wants to reach its impressive sales goals for the video game, with the company saying that it is expecting to move more than 10 million units before the end of the current fiscal year, which is in March 2017.

Final Fantasy XV Might Launch on PC, Aims to Sell 10 Million Unit

Final Fantasy XV Might Launch on PC, Aims to Sell 10 Million Unit

The goal is hard to reach because the franchise is not as popular as it once was, especially after the relatively bad impression that Final Fantasy XIV made on launch and after the issues that XIII had during its lifetime.

To boost the attractiveness of the title, Square Enix has announced some very solid special editions for its video game, including a Noctis figure and specially designed cases.

Final Fantasy XV has been in development under different names for about 10 years and is designed to introduce an interesting story as well as a range of new battle mechanics.

Before the video game is launched, gamers can find out more about characters in the Brotherhood anime, and a full CGI movie called Kingsglaive will be launched alongside the video game.

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